Awakening 1

Architectural Association School of Architecture (AA). It´s consider one of the best schools of architecture in the world, but actually, it’s perhaps the best school of Architecture in the world. It is located in Bedford Square, London, between the British Museum and University College London, where he also studied.

The location is important. At a big scale, London is the place to study any field of knowledge from an interdisciplinary approach. It is the place to meet others, to have interesting conversations with other students at parties at their homes. The level of knowledge, seeking truth and understanding, is very high.

But a smaller scale, the AA and meeting this particular teachers from Harvard University, was significant. Pe had the fortune to study with Martha LaGuess and Michael McNamara. Martha, like a mother, she was deep. Michael supported her, supported  us. But she was the one, the one that directed us inwards, through writing.

How many Universities of Artchitecture start their courses writing, analyzing texts, detecting important concepts, learn how to relate them, to synthesize, to build knowledge through analogy.

Amazing things came up, we ended up thinking about the sphere, I found out I was a sphere! So I thought I was becoming crazy. In one of the one to one tutorials, we held once a week, meeting with the tutor by our selves for an hour, I told Martha about it, and asked her if I was going crazy. She smiled, and gave a book by Plato. She said, read Timaeous.

Architectural Association
Distorted sphere geometry installation by students of the AA, at Bedford Square.

I also remember one of this one to one meeting with the tutor. At some point in the year, it was about Christmas time, she told me not to worry if I was not understanding anything about what she was saying. And it was true, for many weeks, months, I went to this meetings and I would be looking at her with big eyes, and she would understand. One time she said. You don’t understand anything about what I am saying, right? And I nodded ‘yes’, and she held my hand, and so tenderly, she said: Don’t worry, just keep listening and one day, you will understand.

And it did happen. Went home to Spain to spend Christmas in Spain, and on the way back, it was one of those meetings in January that it happened. It was like a hammer hitting in the head, and then  I could see and understand what she was talking about.

The result is understanding, knowing, finding your relationship (inwards) with the outer world. The relationship between you and the world.

Captura de pantalla 2020-07-05 19.40.29

It’s a process of awakening, so this is where the journey started, although, it might have started much earlier, thousands of years ago.

Thanks to my parents, and everyone that supported me, to go and study in the UK, but further more to this School of Architecture, that is much more than a School of Architecture. It’s a School of Live, where you start finding your self.

✨✨ Om Shanti ✨✨

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  1. […] because it was there where the London awakening happened. It was the time that Pe shifted from the Architectural Association to the University College London: it was the time when something woke up in him, the time he met […]


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