Indigo 8

Become a Pure Crystal.

Tuesday, July 28th, 2020. Auroville (India) Morning at Rohini

Clear Indigo Traits in Pe, and in others..:

Marti (2003) Indigo Spirit, Auroville Press, page 82 and 83.

“Indigos have a profound sense of justice and their anger often arises out of indignation” . Sense of justice, that’s where it comes from. Everything is perfect. There should be no frustration. We are all in our own evolution process. And continues: “indigo children systematically resist excessive authority and strike out when they feel their freedom is being jeopardized”. Definitely that’s a trait, and this is why we are such revels.

“Learning to control or channel our anger into positive energy is a key to living well and living in community.

“Diffusing anger is not easy for anyone. And yet we all have to learn to deal with out anger if we want to control our emotions instead of being controlled by them”. Marti’s solution, breath deeply! Common.

Indigo is a bit like that. She is very sweet but can be get easily angry sometimes, and she expresses it clearly 🙂 With me she did not act like that, when we met, but only after Pe has started to know her. After indigo children “have calmed down from an initial angry outburst, they need to learn to focus on why they get angry. (What is there in me that triggers this emotion, rather than why did so and so do such and such?) It´s okay to have emotions but we need to be clear about why we feel what we do”. What has triggered that angry emotion. Anger is a vice, what is the capital vice that triggers the others. Raja yoga talks about five vices, like a dragon with five heads. If you cut the bigger head, the other four fall immediately. What is the capital vice that may provoque the other?

Page 84. “Walking in nature is a great cure for anger that arises out of frustration or deep traumatic shock”. And vualá, here is the solution. Raja Yoga also cleans the soul, the emotions are canceled and neutralized. It is the energy of love and the Supreme that fixes everything, gives us energy not to react, to be over situations, to see how small things in reality are. Let us discern, see what the priority is.

Xiomara is a nature detail observer. Her favorite gift ever was a magnifying glass that Pe bought her in Bogotá (Colombia). “In natural settings we can focus on our good fortune to be alive at such a momentous, if difficult period in time. As we watch antes carry a tidbit over a stick or observe a small lizard scuttle through the underbrush, the Indigo in us will feel free and lighter in our own burdens.

Typical image of Xiomara in the country side

17:50 at Matrimandir underneath the Banyan Tree.

Indigo comment: “The kids say I’m weird. I know that I’m different, but I do belong here. Some people just can’t see it ” (page 90). Yes, weird, strange, Pe is used to receive feedback. To be different, he used to say, is to be not normal, extraordinary. People saying that he is strange, he thought, meant that they did not understand him.

With an eye made quiet by the power of harmony, and the deep power of joy, we see into the life of things” The Tao. Marti (2003) Indigo Spirit page 92. Pe just want’s a calm eye, a third calm open eye, to feel in peace and channel that energy inwards then outwards. To have a calm eye is to become, like the crystal of the Matrimandir, a non distorted pure transparent sphere. The power of yoga cleans the crystal, to become a diamond.

A pure mind is able to discern, differentiate truth from falsehood. “A discerning mind recognizes a noble path with humidity and love […] It is knowing who we are beyond who we think we are, of remaining quiet in a world of chaos”. Through the power of yoga, through a silent experience, Pe’s eye could see and discern about Indigo, who she is, where we are going. It’s able to see the evolution of things and relationships in time. Only in silence, the mind remains quiet, remains a perfect sphere. It is time to remain, away from the world of chaos in a world of order, purity, and perfection. It is time indeed, to become pure, to become a perfect sphere. Only through Purity, we can aim to become perfect. And Purity, is a pure and noble path to be taken to a higher, more valuable, perhaps golden, destiny.

“A discerning mid honors relationship rather than objects”. What’s more important in live than finding Indigo, to create Crystal. What is more important that a love relationship than brings to a higher pure love relationship from the father and the mother, from a violet purple climax, to a crystalline love relationship to a pure daughter.

Xiomara’s communication is reestablished. Yesterday he saw him a method to liberate our selves, a way to become emotionally healthy again. It is called Ho’oponopono, and its “a moment of peace to reflect one’s feelings”.

We can repeat together three times.

  1. Image for post
    Thank you, I LOVE YOU
    Forgive me
  2. I am sorry
  3. Thank you
  4. I love you

  1. Forgive me
  2. I am sorry
  3. Thank you
  4. I love you

  1. Forgive me
  2. I am sorry
  3. Thank you
  4. I love you

Pe’s heart, is shifting away. Pe’s heart is becoming pure. Pe’s heart still loves you.

“Why don’t you just let go of things and just be?” Indigo comment, page 94. Why don’t you just let things be, let it be. “By being flexible, by relaxing and trusting our deeper Indigo intuition, we re pulled out of our barriers of egoism”. Once again, “relaxing and trusting our deeper Indigo intuition, we are pulled out of our barriers of egoism. Our will surrenders to a new boundless adventure”. Surrender to this new adventure, surrender to your aim, just let go, detach, and surrender. Surrender to your aim and role in life. “Our rigid individuality dissolves and fades away”, ego fades away. Then we become “masters of our own lives, conscious of our own destiny and that we exist in potential, always reaching for consciousness that exists outside and beyond matter. As we spread our transparent, aerodynamic wings, we will be carried into faraway worlds and deeper perceptions of who we are” (page 95) in reality. We are Indigo, and maybe more.

How we are deep inside is a great discovery. “Go as deep as you can into life…” Zen poet Ryokan (page 95) and discover what is within. They are indeed treasures, crystal spheres, a tiny sparking diamond deep inside. To discover it, is to allow the higher light go through it, and the allowing the light to divide into colors, is to be bright, it’s to be enlightened. It is to be true to one self, it is to be authentic, it is to be real, it is to become conscious of you.

to Be Continued… ✨✨ Om Shanti✨✨

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