Indigo 7


Saturday, 18th July 2020. Matrimandir Gardens, underneath the Banyan Tree. Auroville (India)

So, yes, the previous post was an introduction to Indigo Children and some of their general characteristics.  As Pe continues reading, he finds more that he needs to continue sharing. This time, they  can be atributted directly to some of this apparent Indigo Girls, and Boys…

Xiomara: She loves to climb (specially trees).

Pe: as well, with a good sense of balance, also climb mountains!!!!! and both natural huggers (needs to hug); Indigo seems to be opening to that, at least she wanted, when she found out Pe was going to be with Laxmi, also one night she said no, while pushing him to hold her.

Xiomara: Loves music and signing. Pe too is looking for a choral, specially enjoys Sacred music; sometimes sounds like a gregorian monk from the Silos Monastery (Spain) where Pe had such a profound experience once. Xiomara may remember him sending her videos and recordings from the time he had discovered them onsite, and secretly recorded them, when they came out of this cloister monastery to sign in the Church.

Xiomara and Diksha: As they grow older, they become helpers, carers, volunteers, healers and teachers. Specially Xiomara in the sense of carer, volunteer in Bird and Plant’s Protection Organizations and Diksha wanting to help the transgender communities, now reaching together with her family at a humanitarian level, migrant workers in need during the COVID 19 crisis in India. Pe and his contacts (friends and family, also supported).

Xiomara: Exudes love for her family (those around her), pets and friends. And a final very clear sign: she is an autodidact. Diksha has that also, now researching into architecture, spheres and pyramids in spiritual architecture, for instance, that we will be addressing in the next post. They prefer to teach themselves what they want to learn. She would surprise you with sentences like the one that Pe has just read (page 21), which he has just found out it common in Indigo Children: “There goes that lovely bird . That’s me flying”. Pe: Sometimes hyperactive. As Lucia, a friend of him used to say, he’s got so much energy (till he gets really low when doing nothing:)))). Page 23, “Indigos have an exhaustive source of energy. They live in the present and observe the world around them with their inner being”, introverted he does indeed. Page 58, Indigos sometimes have trouble sitting still and concentrating. This hyperactivity is one of the ways that they express their freedom…” Freedom, the most important experience Pe would fight for, as we will see later with commands, such a rebel, before he gets in the trap, as soon as he feels trapped, he flies. He also used to speak, feel, such a hard energy in some places, like the City of Bogotá or Spain, outskirts of Madrid, for instance. As a child he thought. There has to be somewhere else. Recently he spoke about it to Uma, how Spain is not calling back for this reason, anymore, and how Bogotá’s atmosphere was so heavy, so tense, the contrary of Auroville’s relaxed atmosphere. Page 24. Strong Indigo spirits may suffer deep acute feelings of trauma because our planetary energy is so difficult for them”. The energy here at the Matrimandir, is very, very different. Uplighting! He then thinks, this is a clear reason for wanting to become a true Aurovilian. Uma, would that be enough of a reason? To build a city that would send that energy to their inhabitants, to their homes. That we will see in the next post. Indigo is the inspiration for that to happen. Xiomara, Pe and Indigo: Need patience and love. This energy has brought him to Auroville, that energy and sense of belonging, keeps him at Rohini. With Xiomara, one needs to be patient. Pe and Xiomara, need love, to nourish their souls. Indigo, Pe has observed, needs it too. Pe is afraid of opening up to someone that might hurt him, to become vulnerable, to be hurt. Indigo, wants someone not being afraid of being vulnerable, but she doesn’t want to do it herself. Xiomara: We said before, she had a realization of Oneness, and this is important. In the Indigo Spirit book, it appears again: In the start it says that Indigo’s radiate an Indigo vibration, or violet aura. Pe would say, based on their soul consciousness, living from the soul, form their inner sphere, located in the third eye, where they saw (Indigo saw it recently during her meditation too) an indigo colour, dark blue, flash of light. Page 27, “In the ancient Vedic systems of chakras, the colour indigo is linked to alpha energy waves and symbolizes harmony. […] Indigo frequencies are said to embody self-confidence, spontaneity, synchronicity with nature, the awareness of an eternal presence, and the realization of oneness. Xiomara and Pe: They evolve with high integrity. Pe feels him self to be a “youthful emissary” (page 31). And of course he is such a rebel. He would say, no one would tell me what to do or tell me which way to go in life, because they don’t know about my future role or destiny, just as Indigo children would say “no one decides for me. You just don’t understand who I am and what I’ve come here to do”. And recently, Pe has had enough of that. He even has opened up to Indigo and told her that if he commands him, he will do, as he has always done, as a pure rebel, the contrary. It is better not to give him advice or tell him what would be best. It is indeed just an opinion. If Indigo is Indigo, she would recognize when she hears the story. He has recently made it clear to Indigo, sharing a quote that caught his eye: “If you command me to do something I was already doing, the chances of me doing it drops to zero”. That’s already happening, and this is important for him. Control less, suggestion less = freedom, which is the most important for Pe, as a free soul, in live. Something to think about. Commitment in a relationship is to make the other feel free to be him self, to express him/her self freely and truly, as one self is, without the fear to be judged. But according to the Mother, “the only true freedom is the one obtained by union with the Divine.  One can unite with the Divine only by mastering one’s ego”. 1971 addendum in “To be a True Aurovilian“. And finally, important for Indigo, about fear at night: ” the Indigo spirit is not invulnerable to fear because Indigos sense energy forces that others do not. One psychologist described how a young Indigo had difficulty sleeping at night without being afraid. The child was encouraged to talk to her angel, or guide that she could imagine near her and that would accompany her on her journey through the night. She likes to sleep with company, she doesn’t like, in general, to be alone. Pe wonders what she is afraid of at night. Is it the fear to die? He is reading about it, but Pe knows we are actually eternal. Nothing to be afraid of. Pe is always there to support her, as her angel, as a guide, if she wants to accept it and surrender to it. He is always there to talk to, he is always there to give support through this journey of light and darkness, ups and downs, high and low moments. That he also feels should be in a partner and misses that in Xiomara. But “Indigo children may not be, by nature, specially fearful. They do, on the other hand need to nourish their own natural sense of courage […] Courage is also finding the energy to live when we are so depressed that we wouldn’t mind ending it all. And sadly, sometimes Indigos feel so isolated that this does occur to them”. Is this the case Indigo? Has this thought ever occurred to you? Like Indigos, Pe also, suffers from depression, or at least, feels unvalued, when he is criticized, mocked, or not acknowledged for who” he really is (page 25). Lately, he has felt the weight of Egos, suppressing, not considering him. How could such dense energy and perception of things, be at the light energy level. Don’t they realize when they meet an angel, and emissary of God who’s here for a higher un-selfish purpose? How can someone prefer a small Indian / local scale without considering the immensity of an International Life Experience, a true traveler, a true adventurer, a true explorer, with integrity, authenticity, education and nobility? Are they not up to that level? It requires such a level to see that level in the other. Although social class might not be there in the other, Pe has understood that there is something above all that, which is the connection to the Supreme, the Highest on High, what makes the Brahmin Cast the highest. And that connection is enough for him. He knows it will be beautiful when he will meet his future family, which is is already part of, as part of his spiritual family. He knows he will be accepted and valued, because they know what others might still have to realize, to see what is really important and a priority, above physical conditions. Pe knows him self, and he doesn’t understand how other might want someone else for a job, for a relationship… because they really don’t know the potential, they might not be at the level of commitment and purity that might require. They might not have the trikaldarshi capability that he has, being aware of the three aspects of Time: The Past, the Present, and the Future. He knows, he can see it, he knows what he is here for. But for that, he needs Indigo. He needs Indigo to realize what has taken him, if not a whole life time, at least the last twenty years since he started with that architectural project in London (year 2000).

We have realized, not only that we are indeed part of the right Indigo Trail, but, more importantly, that it is time to let “Indigo colour run through our veins”, through our chakra…

Indigo’s Indigo Collection at 2018 London Graduate Fashion Week

… and thus that destiny is inevitable. Pe knows who he is and Indigo are. It’s now time for her to re-discover, to understand why drama (this beautiful play of life, like in a theater) has brought her to Auroville, furthermore to Upasana, to Rohini. Pe now knows why he came to India. Patiently he awaited at Rohini, for that day to arrive. The time is here, the time is now. Yesterday, Sunday 19th of July 18:30, while he was watching the Sunset, Pe read in “Indigo Spirit” what he considered the most important ‘quote’ he has found there so far: Indigos know that peace of mind comes with surrender to our natural role in the Universe” Marti (2003) Indigo Spirit, Auroville Press, page 63. Now Indigo knows as well. She can close her eyes, her ears, her mouth, like a monkey. It’s inevitable. Cant’t she see it? What made her confused? What took you in another direction. It’s understandable that some things, some commitments have to being taken care of. Time will put everything in its place. She will have the choice, to face it, or to let it happen. There is no other choice. It will happen as it already did happen. Commitment for a higher cause is true freedom. When you know the other person, and let he/she be who he/she really is, with no fear to be hurt, things lead to happiness. Crystal is indeed a matter of fact, it is and will be a reality. If Indigo doesn’t claim her position, who will? Will she allow Pe’s heart to drift away. She has to show some interest. Crystal needs her. But for her to come, in such state, we have to do some previous work. What’s the most important thing in our lives now? For those that can see it, now it is












                                                             R that Indigo is indeed the One, and that Crystal will be clean and beautiful. Crystal might be, as described with blue eyes and blond hair. With divine intervention, that could happen with an Indian descendent, because of Crystal’s purity and connection, that links us to the Divine. It might also be an analogy, a state of mind, an internal beauty of pure consciousness that could not be conceived differently. This will be happening in Bharat. She will indeed be an inner pure, beautiful soul with those qualities of Krishna, and Radha, first emperors of the New World. It is the Golden future, to be constructed, now in our hands. There is no TIME to be wasted. It might indeed be time to recognize who we are and admit what we are here for. Give it a try, trust the future, surrender to your destiny.  Open up your intellect and heart to Him, have faith to clean it up, to be vulnerable, allow your third eye to open, wide open, and flourish again like an indigo and a purple lotus, become a CRYSTAL, A PERFECT SPHERE.

article-migration-image-23-ways-to-recognize-crystal-children.jpg Do you know how to do that. Every thing starts with faith and trust in One and the Other. We will explore what it means to be a perfect sphere, through philosophy and architecture, in the next post. To continue reading, click here 😉 ✨✨ Om Shanti✨✨

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