Indigo 1

INSPIRATION, or Aspiration to a Destiny – to jet become. Thursday 10th of Jun 2020, Auroville (India): Its five thirty in the morning in Auroville (Tamil Nadu – India), and I have decided to start writing this blog, connected with the exploration, the new phase starting after lock down here in Auroville. The exploration, the… Read More Indigo 1

Indigo 2

DYE, Thursday 11th of Jun 2020, Auroville (India) 14:00h: I remember about our Rohini’s only Indian resident, Ankita. She’s from Gujarat and still is locked down up there, waiting for the possibility of coming back down to the South, to Auroville. She’s doing research in textiles! In her room there are so many books, so… Read More Indigo 2

Indigo 3

INDIGO CHILDREN, Friday 12th of Jun 2020, Auroville (India) 3:30h: It’s so early, in my gmail there is a note from my friend Luisa from Colombia. For the first time, she signs with her complete name, Luisa Xiomara Cordoba Toro. Xiomara is her birth name. At some point in her life, when she had a… Read More Indigo 3

Indigo 4

DYE,  Sunday 20th of Jun 2020, Auroville (India). Immediately, as Pe starts reading the book on Textiles of India’s concluding chapter by Jenny Balfour – Paul,  “India’s Trade in Indigo”, he starts writing this post in order to not only record basic concepts, interesting quotes, but also to expand on them, looking at the plants… Read More Indigo 4

Indigo 5

WHO IS INDIGO FUTURE GIRL. Monday, 22nd of June 2020. Auroville (India), 3:30pm. Last night, we had an artist’s, or should I say, musician’s meeting, where Sitara told me about her daughter, who’s name will be easy to remember because it matches the name of one of my best friends from Italy. Of course, my… Read More Indigo 5

Indigo 6

THREE Indigos IN ONE, or TWO IN ONE? Question: What does Pe, Indigo, and the future Indigo Girl, might have all in common. Are Pe and Indigo, both Indigo Spirits, and is the future Indigo Girl – also Indigo or perhaps something higher – jet to be conceived? Answer to begin with: The truth is… Read More Indigo 6

Indigo 7

TRAITS Saturday, 18th July 2020. Matrimandir Gardens, underneath the Banyan Tree. Auroville (India)   So, yes, the previous post was an introduction to Indigo Children and some of their general characteristics.  As Pe continues reading, he finds more that he needs to continue sharing. This time, they  can be atributted directly to some of this… Read More Indigo 7

Base 1

In Between America and Asia, HOME IN SPAIN. On the way from Perú to India, we have a base to stop in Spain. Rest, collect fundings, and continue the journey toward India. The house was refurbish and designed by Pe, it’s more than a family house, a country state, three acres of land. Strategically located… Read More Base 1

Base 2

CHILDREN SUMMER CAMP SUMMER 2017 Nos es grato concluir la preciosa convivencia y la intensa experiencia que un grupo de 17 exploradores hemos vivido la semana pasada, de la que tanto hemos aprendido todos. No ha sido fácil, hemos tenido muchos retos que superar, pero estamos felices de los resultados y nos vamos a casa… Read More Base 2

Base 3

RECOVERING BOAT AT BASE Os compartimos fotos del trabajo en equipo y operación de rescate de una barca abandonada encontrada en el Pantano del Burguillo el pasado miércoles cuatro de enero (clickea en la primera foto para verlas en grande)

Expedition 1

INTERVIEW El próximo 29 de junio comienza una gran aventura para un grupo de alpinistas españoles que pretenden alcanzar la cima del pico Huascarán (6.768m) situado en Los Andes Peruanos. El grupo esta formado por alpinistas de Salamanca, Huesca, Madrid, Cataluña, Albacete),  juntos vivirán durante este mes de julio un sueño largamente acariciado, alcanzar la… Read More Expedition 1

Expedition 3

HIGH CAMP 6000 mt. El viernes 13 de julio, la expedición Española al Huascarán alcazó la cima de esta mítica montaña de la Cordillera Blanca, con ello culmina con éxito la aventura emprendida por un grupo de montañeros que partió de España el 29 de junio, y tras casi 15 días de aclimatación y aproximación,… Read More Expedition 3

Expedition 4

SUMMIT 6.768m !!! En el video, una de las cuatro cordadas que hicieron cumbre (Elizabeth Linares, Pedro Leguina y Amador Maquin). Tras salir del campo 2 a las 2h30, culminan haciendo cumbre a las 10h58 en el Huascarán (6768m). Felicitaciones a todos los miembros de la expedición!!! Muy pocas mujeres peruanas han llegado a la… Read More Expedition 4

Awakening 1

Architectural Association School of Architecture (AA). It´s consider one of the best schools of architecture in the world, but actually, it’s perhaps the best school of Architecture in the world. It is located in Bedford Square, London, between the British Museum and University College London, where he also studied. The location is important. At a… Read More Awakening 1

Awakening 2

PAINTING. That was found in my room at Kentish Town Flat, that after college, when working as an Architect in Madrid, ended up bying. The painting is in Madrid (Base) by the… Artist: Celia Paul Oil on canvas Size: 120.5 x 150 cm (47.5 x 59 in) Year: 1983 The painting is an interesting story: The woman… Read More Awakening 2