as a Teacher

The recession in Europe, allowed Pedro Leguina to further immerse himself  in the theoretical realm and abstract world of the ideas, while teaching and supporting students to experiment in Spain and Colombia.  He facilitated this methodology, he had learned from Martha LaGuess (Harvard).  Together, they would  research and experiment with the relationship between ideas and materials, in search for a coherent and continuous order that related both and their parts, the self and the world.

In Bogotá, Pedro was further integrated in an urban workshop of a prestigious Colombian University, directed by Ioannis. The objective was to work with another team of specialised docents and a large group of students; designing – by teams – the “Utopian City of the Future”. 

Pe’s role as a teacher was to facilitate what they called a ‘technology component’ that embraced philosophical issues required for a change of consciousness towards a harmonious society to be constructed. The different components of the workshop  included urbanism, ecological, aesthetics, and construction were integrated into the larger collective for this urban design workshop. We started with analysis of the existing urban systems including transport, environmental of the City of Bogota.

We did an analysis of these two issues that generate a new transport and ecological system.  Later we super imposed the housing and comercial typologies so that the three systems joined into a one single system – a macro-architecture. A new higher order is plugged into the the existing urban fabric to resolve and articulate the previously fragmented system.

The result was a systemic macro-architecture which  integrated both transport and environmental systems to the architecture and housing typologies, thereby connecting at a larger scale the City to other larger scale systems in the territory and the world.

In 2006 till today,  Pedro successfully established an exchange program between Polytechnic University of Madrid, Spain and CEPT University of Ahmedabad, India.  The exchange program, between India and Spain is  first of its type between the two countries. The objective was to initiate and build links  and while gaining the forgotten ancestral and spiritual knowledge in the area of academics and architecture. This program has led, to final year projects that are outstanding in their academic level and have also developed into professional.


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