as a searcher

the Lfe of Pe

The LIFE OF PE is a blog, a place to share a journey of exploration, between the inner and the outer world, for self-realization: Pure experiences, realizations, a process; this journey of the soul that started long time ago, but recently have started to materialize furthermore here in Auroville (India).


THE INDIGO TRAIL is the actual phase: a diary of experiences, reflexions, and realizations of his LIFE around Auroville. It is a period of fast self development, one of the final stages of this soul’s journey that started so long ago. It’s the search for someone called Indigo, and someone else called Crystal, on the way back to the source. The eternal – self-discovery – journey of the self back Home.

It’s also a colour journey through the different chakras, from the lower red to the dark green (heart), blue (indigo at third eye) and purple (crown chakra), to our Real and Original Home back to the realm of light where we all come from.








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