as a Researcher

As a student in London, we were thought how to think and research. At the Architectural Association (AA), Pe felt blessed to study with amazing teachers  Harvard University,  their profound knowledge and sense of spirituality led him to the realisation of the spiritual sphere of the soul.

This, was the beginning of an awakening which then developed into a visionary research project, an experimental animation,  ‘An Analogy Between Light and Rotation’,

Bartlett School of Architectural Final Year Experimental & Research Project. University College London (2000)

that explored the relationship between: 1. the third eye and the sun, 2. the material and the metaphysical, and 3. the realisation between the part and the whole (1 -Infinite).

patron que se repite

Little ‘Crystal’ sees herself in Big ‘Crystal’. The two finally connect, and find to be both the same, at different scales.

Through this exploration, in year 2000, Pe had the ‘vision’ of the galaxy and developed an interior space very similar to the Matrimandir of Auroville, where every one would realise their relationship All.


In the center of this space, which is both a torus and a womb, there was the a blond girl, were in the Matrimandir of Auroville is located nowadays  a spherical crystal. She is there, in this central position, in the center of the World, which is also the Center of the Universe, underneath a ray of solar and divine light. She is the relationship between one and all. Who is she and what is her role?


song ‘Believe in Me’ by Blue Solar

✨✨   t o    B e   C o n t i n u e d . . . ✨✨

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