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Celia Paul

Artist: Celia Paul
Oil on canvas
Size: 120.5 x 150 cm (47.5 x 59 in)
Year: 1983

The woman painted is Yasmin O’Grady, who I bought it from directly when I finished my studies at University College London.

The painting is an interesting story. Yasmin is laying down in the bed, and the man she lived with is standing above her looking out of a window.  While it was being painted, the couple broke up. Therefore, Celia could not finish the painting and then she and Lucien Freud broke up when Celia was expecting his child.
According to this time reference, it is from 1983/84 before Frank Freud was born in 1984.
The fact that it is still in process makes it quite special. Its like music or Shubert’s Unfinished Symphony.  All the important gestures are captured around a flow of undefined movement of brush strokes.

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The painting is now Madrid.
Price: Make an offer


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