Indigo 3

INDIGO CHILDREN, Friday 12th of Jun 2020, Auroville (India) 3:30h: It’s so early, in my gmail there is a note from my friend Luisa from Colombia. For the first time, she signs with her complete name, Luisa Xiomara Cordoba Toro. Xiomara is her birth name. At some point in her life, when she had a… Read More Indigo 3

Indigo 6

THREE Indigos IN ONE, or TWO IN ONE?       Pe started reading the “Indigo Spirit” book that Peter had kindly haded to him. Sometime passed, and he paid attention to the subtitle in the cover… “A Guide for the Indigo Child in Each One of Us”. There was also the photo portrait of… Read More Indigo 6

Indigo 7

TRAITS Saturday, 18th July 2020. Matrimandir Gardens, underneath the Banyan Tree. Auroville (India) So, yes, the previous post was an introduction to Indigo Children and some of their general characteristics.  As Pe continues reading, he finds more that he needs to continue sharing. This time, they  can be atributted directly to some of this apparent… Read More Indigo 7