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Friday 12th of Jun 2020, Auroville (India) 3:30h:

It’s so early, in my gmail there is a note from my friend Luisa from Colombia. For the first time, she signs with her complete name, Luisa Xiomara Cordoba Toro. Xiomara is her birth name. At some point in her life, when she had a deep experience of Oneness, she stopped using this native name, to use only her christian name that the nuns at her boarding school (some kind of orphanage) used to refer to her. It was great news that she had recovered it, after so many years: her full identity, her full name, with both names (Luisa Xiomara) and both last names (Córdoba Toro). Xiomara means “the most beautiful star of the universe”. She has always been or she became really that when she became enlightened.

She’s happy to tell me about her determination to come to Auroville to work as an official volunteer. She has responded to Mirrabelle, the girl that manages H2H (Horse Human Communication), a bodylanguage – natural horsmanship unit, where horses – that were abused or abandoned- are recovered in this kind of orphanage or horse sanctuary. They work with therapies, and I wonder who is actually being recovered, if the animal or the human. Xiomara thinks it´s the human, but maybe Mirrabelle may think that the horse is also being recovered – recovering trust and faith in humans.

Xiomara has been looking at different Units to volunteer at, trying to find her perfect place as a children educator, a person that cares and loves nature, open and with a big heart, always taking care of everyone and everything. She used to tell me that she could not love just one person, because she loves the whole Universe.

WhatsApp Image 2020-06-18 at 10.42.31
An Indigo comment, as published in the book “Indigo Spirit ” page 108

She’s going through SAVI (the official volunteers application program) applying to get a one year visa, to be processed when the Indian borders open again and Auroville is able to continue welcoming new comers and  volunteers. This situation reminds me how fortunate I am to be in India. Some have left here, to visit their relatives abroad or renew their five year visa, and are not able to return for the moment. We will see when they will be able to get back, to this land of future, perhaps a land of a new dawn, Bharat. For so many years, I have prepared myself to be here with a resident’s Entry visa. And I managed to do so, before it was too late.

If the frontier reopens and her paper work is done on time, she will be able to come and experience Auroville.  It’s not up to me if she will come or not. At the end it’s up to her, if it’s in her destiny, it will happen again.

There is, however, one indicator that shows us that she will make it. The fact that all Units were responding with a negative to her, due to the present Covid-19 lockdown except one. Pe knew about it. While Luisa was consulting with others, he used to walk around a place where they had horses. He could recognize places that are important in the future, to yet become. That was one of those places. While she was getting negative responses to other Units where to volunteer, Pe knew one day he would enter to enquire for her, and that it would be the place for her to volunteer.

That day he ended up walking in by chance, on the way to Shanga Guest house in search of a dip into the pool,  together with Xema – my Spanish house mate who’s flaying back to Spain tomorrow on an expatriation flight, that day it was confirmed it was indeed the place for her.  The project is called H2H (Horse to Human Communication). The moment we entered and met, Mirrabelle, the projects holder, she immediately nodded while getting goosebumps because, how things happen in Auroville, a volunteer had recently left, and as usual, a new door opens the moment the Universe sends the right person that’s needed.

Captura de pantalla 2020-06-15 17.15.08
Mirrabelle from Horse to Human Communication, Auroville

Meeting Mirrabelle, this special girl, for the first time, was very interesting. I had only heard about her, but by meeting her personally I realized that she was probably one of those Indigo children that seem to be so common here. She spoke with so much security, self esteem, and immediately started sharing all her knowledge about horses in general, but also at an individual level, she presented one by one, first, and then how they relate to each other. Her communication was so precise. This is a clear sign of an indigo child. Also, her words and gestures were full of power. She was indeed knowledgeable and knew what she was talking about, not only at a technical level, but having been around horses for around twenty years. It was clear. She knew them, she felt them, she communicated with them.

Communication at the level of feeling emotions, is also one a sign of an indigo child.

Recently, we have also met someone else who is at that level of precise communication, while being sensible at the level of talking about deep concepts and consciousness. She is an Indian girl called Sudipta, friend of Ankita, who we thought was the owner of the Indian Textiles book 🙂 that we found the indigo concluding chapter on textiles that we are still studying. They both know each other from the Youth Link., so Ankita introduced me to Sudipta during lockdown so that to deliver something to her.

Captura de pantalla 2020-06-18 12.01.55

She came one Sunday morning while we were holding grand breakfast at Rohini. Surprisingly, I found out through Uma that Sudipta is an ashram girl (born and lived in the Aurovindo Ashram where, Sri Aurovindo met the The Mother, 11km from here, in Pondicherry). Ashram children are like Auroville´s children: precise, deep, and “highly aware”. Ashram children are specially recognized by elder members of Auroville as the advanced new generation of Auroville, the city of the future. They are indeed very sensitive. The fact is that when everyone found out she was an ashram girl, everyone started paying close attention to her, to each word and thought she would share at the table.  So much protagonism, can end up becoming overwhelming for her, she admitted to me later.

The first time I consciously met an indigo child, was also of course here in Auroville.  Although I have known her for around two years, only recently I realized she could be one of them.

Her name is Bhakti, like Mirrabelle, born in Auroville and therefore an Aurovilian 🙂 There are so many indigo children here, who have received what is known as a “never ending education”. Bhakti explained to me that “being born in Auroville, the chances of being an indigo child are pretty high as the Mother planted special seeds in us”.

In her past, I had appreciated her beauty, as a french madame. I remember once we met in the Tamil market, dressed as an elegant lady that contrasted so much with the Tamil background. The difference was so great, she looked out of a film shoot in a Colony (which Pondicherry was, a french colony in India).

But the last time I met her, it was different. We were at her house in Auromodele, perhaps the most posh community of Auroville, Ankita told me once. That Community was designed and build by the master architect of Auroville, Roger Anger, the same architect that designed and built together with Piero, the Matrimandir. In this community of neighbors, Anger experimented with the modern organic architecture., to become a model to be developed later inside the galaxy plan (still to be constructed) of Auroville where we are now.


I remember Bhakti that day at her place. She was handing the keys of her house to a house sitter. Before that, she had offered it to me, but the eagerness to go traveling in India after the lockdown, stopped me from taking it. It was difficult  because I know I will be living in a house like this in the future with Indigo, and this house has one of the important elements: a water channel, for ants, around it. It´s one of the requirements to recognize the future home to live in.

Captura de pantalla 2020-06-18 12.08.13That day, Bhakti was dressed in a fluorescent t-shirt. She was completely enlightened, with a pure expression, with her blue eyes, clear skin and a relaxed  calm gaze, the light in her shirt reflected and increased the beauty of her, like with a double crown of light, a clean aura.

It was so crystal clear that she was she was in a stage of  purity and enlightenment that when I went back home I had to write to her asking her if she was indeed an Indigo Girl. Surprisingly she told me that, although she had read about it, she needed to do some research before answering that question. After she confirmed that she had “checked the 17 signs of indigo children and that she recognized in her almost all of them”. She added that that doesn’t mean that she is one of them, but that “being born in Auroville, the chances are pretty hight as the Mother  planted seeds in us”.

peter and indigo
Peter, at Luminosity Studio, giving me this book written by Marti (2003) Auroville Press, about “Indigo Children” in Auroville, when I tell him in this moment, what I am writing about…

I have to admit, Bhakti, with her sublime beauty, deep blue eyes and so much purity together with all the other crystalline qualities I recognize in her, is one of the closest persons I have met, to that image of the future indigo girl to yet be born (that appeared the first post In(spiration) 01 as part of that architectural visionary research project). That new born, would also be a girl of blue eyes and blonde hair, of extreme beauty, like her. Could perhaps Bhakti would be the future mother, would that womb perhaps be hers?

How will children of higher consciousness be conceived in the future? What is the role of yoga and purity. What will these children be like?

Who is the mother of that future golden and pure girl yet to be conceived? Perhaps one or all of them will be mothers of these future children? Is one of them the mother of this specific envisioned girl yet to be born?

This Indigo Trail is a route that will take us to determine it, to find out at the end, who it is, and what we will do in between to get there: humanitarian work, helping Indian communities to become self sufficient while recovering their original traditions, finding ways to sustain them selves consciously and respecting, once again, the environment. In the case of Indigo, while working with natural pigments, like indigo takes us to meet with Shankar, local organic textile producer, in the evening.

Will he be part of the indigo trail leading us where?

 ✨✨ Om Shanti, keep reading 04 here… ✨✨

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