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INSPIRATION, or Aspiration to a Destiny – to jet become.

Thursday 10th of Jun 2020, Auroville (India):

Its five thirty in the morning in Auroville (Tamil Nadu – India), and I have decided to start writing this blog, connected with the exploration, the new phase starting after lock down here in Auroville.

The exploration, the research actually started much earlier, and we could say, it had several phases, interconnected: one phase lead to the next one, and so on.

The first phase of the research, could be summarized in video, an artistic approach to architecture and the perception of the real self, as light, as a soul, like the sun, realized through matter (and it´s architecture).

In that video, there was a little girl, blonde, that appear in the middle of a uterus that had the shape of what today, is the interior of the Matrimandir (the central element of this alternative international city, a place for silence and contemplation in the shape of a donut or as Peter calls it torus, with a ray of light going through from a hole in the top ceiling).


But let’s center in what´s important. A young, blonde, beautiful girl, with blue eyes appeared in the center. She was the relationship between one and all, the relationship with all the souls.

Who was she?


The search started then, as a student of architecture that graduated in year 2000, exploring and researching the inner self while traveling in the outer world, looking for her, looking for the meaning of this concept, or rather, a real person?

Auroville appeared at some point. Can’t remember the first first time I heard about Auroville. Later, a few trips happened, to live, to experience, to know this place.

The first visit was short, just one day visit, on my way from Rajasthan back to Europe. And yes, that was the first real encounter with the Matrimandir that I had previously conceived in this video piece. It has been projected, from the spiritual point of view, but also as a visionary Architecture. From the viewing point of the Matrimandir, which is just a place to see it from a distance the day before it can be accessed, I already had a very deep experience: The feeling of so much concentrated energy there, already felt from this satellite position.

It was such a deep experience, so concentrated in my inner world, in my inner soul, so concentrated, that I could hardly speak to my companion, the local BK friend who had come with me to this point.

matri first encounter

The second trip, last year in 2019, was a year where I hastily tried to stay in Auroville. That attempt was aborted due to some apparent “interesting” work arising back in Spain. It was a good experience, and good things came out of there, as it is the case of the machine now being used to write this blog, which is actually much more than a machine: It’s a movable office, a center of logistics for international communications, a video editing unit, a tool for sustainable remote way of living.

The job “back home” was the best excuse to return and really get organized to come back to Auroville, for good. To save enough money while doing the rest of the year, other type of work that was very successful and according to PE’s speciality. Quality tours at a pure level: architecture in North America, adventure trekking in South America, and of course, spiritual tourism in India.

This intermediate phase, led to the third, and final attempt to come and stay in India for good. And here we are. Happy to have made it on time before the lockdown, before the frontiers are closed to come into the country. All this investment of time and effort has given its recompense, the sweet fruit that is to be here now, to be In.

In this third attempt, further more realizations have happened through meditation while realizing the people, the events, the drama (as a play we are in), started appearing, everything started making sense. Pieces, vision, started to happen, appearing in reality.

Furthermore, I can say that I have met someone, an inspiration who has led me to write this blog. Could this be the future mother of that blonde girl, perhaps an Indigo girl or a future deity in The Garden of Paradise?

The world is about to change. Will you help, will you take place in that change?

the world is about to change

This blog is a way to communicate with the Indigo G.


My first connection with indigo was many years ago while in a Tibetan concert in Madrid. While meditating, I saw a flash of Dark blue colored light, what could be that indigo color, coming out of me. It was like a flash, could see the rays of this dark blue shining light projecting out. That experience, so many years ago, was forgotten till now. It seemed to be the color of a chakra, at the height (cant remember exactly) of the throat or the forehead – coming out of the third eye where I am located, as a soul in the center of the forehead.


Then, this indigo inspiration girl appeared. I started thinking about Indigo children. Would the blonde girl in the middle of the “Matrimandir fetus” be an Indigo girl too? She had a connection with that previous architectural / conceptual research. She could be the mother of that young girl that appeared in the Womb. It could be her womb. That, once again, just to make clear, could be a future a future Indigo Girl, as one of many of the born and raised children here in Auroville are. She would be maybe one of the first inhabitants of this new world, after that change, in a Pure world, in Sat Jug (golden age, paradise), which is definitely in front of us.

Later, during the lockdown, we spoke about a future project, an NGO to “educate the transgender community and generate a means of livelihood”. At that moment, when I asked her about what kind of activity would be developed there, she didn’t know, but immediately in my mind, I visualized a dark wet Indian cloth being dyed in blue.

Later, talking to my house mates here in Rohini (Swayam Comunity – Auroville)  I realized, that our inspiration, potential future mother, a fashion designer who calls herself indigo girl (and by the way, a traveler and a blogger perhaps yet to become), was already using this color, as her favorite, in her clothing designs. Indigo – Indigo connection (Indigo color, future blonde pure girl to yet become, to live).


The color of the chakra, the colors being used in her clothing designs and the color of the future activity textile production in India, are the same.

Is this a coincidence?

This Friday, Uma from Upasana is coming with us, led by Helena, our friend and neighbor, to visit Shankar, some local textile producer, in Kuilapalayam.

Do you think this might have something to do with this whole process here unfolding and blossoming like a beautiful lotus flower in a still pond  of who knows who’s  or where, perhaps in the Garden of Eden?

lotus pond
Blue lotus in Diksha´s pond (photo taken by her in Jalgaon, Maharastra)

This history will continue tomorrow, looking into this textile made in Auroville area with this bio material that comes from hemp. We will see why Helena brought it up and why we have arranged a meeting with this producer tomorrow, if it is part of our next episode where things are slowly connecting and interlocking.

It is six thirty now and time to take the golden retrievers for a walk in Pichandikulam Forest. This already appeared in my mind years ago. One day I knew I would have a golden retriever, and out of the blue, here they are: Pipo and Sidney. I will tell you about them another time.

The forest was humid from last nights rain, which is very pleasant for this time of the year which is the hottest here in India. When I got back home, the little Budha was in the garden saying “peeeee”.

buddha boy

The breakfast table at the back yard was beautifully set for three.

table set

                                       ✨✨ Om Shanti, Continue Reading… ✨✨

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