BE Madrid Architecture Tour

We received 240 architects from baumschlager-eberle architekten top European International Architecture Studio and did a beautiful architecture guided tour for them through Madrid. It was a pleasure meeting the main directors of the different offices, and specially, Professor Dietmar Eberle who also came with them.

In the photos, a glimpse of the two very intense days of visits and lectures in Madrid: Torres Blancas (White Towers 1969) by Francisco Javier Saenz de Oiza (Day 1) and lecture by the Austrian Architect, Prof. Dietmar Eberle (Day 2) at RIU Hotel, Plaza de España.

Tramo 1

10:15 Bajada Av. del Manzanares, 196 

Tramo 2

10:55 Subida Matadero (dirección oeste parque Arganzuela)

11:05 Bajada Sagrados Corazones (por Atocha y Pº de la Habana)

Tramo 3

11:40 Recogida Pº de la Castellana (dirección sur) con Rafael Salgado

Alternativa Padre Damian – Rafael Salgado

11:50 Bajada Nuevos Ministerios

Tramo 4

12:25 Recogida Castellana 81

Posible parada en Republica Argentina

12:45 Bajada Hotel Abba Madrid

Tramo 5

14:05 Recogida Hotel C. Corazón de María

14:30 Llegada Riu Plz España

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