Indigo 5


Question: What does Pe, Indigo, and the future Indigo Girl, might have all in common.

Are Pe and Indigo, both Indigo Spirits, and is the future Indigo Girl – also Indigo or perhaps something higher – jet to be conceived?

Answer to begin with: The truth is that Pe, wondered at some point in the past if perhaps, he could be the Indigo Future Girl in the centre of that Womb. What we know now for sure is that Pe and the Divine Girl might have something in common.




Pe started reading the “Indigo Spirit” book that Peter had kindly haded to him. Sometime passed, and he paid attention to the subtitle in the cover…


“A Guide for the Indigo Child in Each One of Us”. There was also the photo portrait of a child painted in blue. Recently Pe had this discussion, while having a Chai at Neem Tree, with Talib. He is young volunteer architect from Jordan with whom Pe studied earth architecture at Auroville Earth Institute. They discussed, if the child in the cover, was is a boy or a girl.

Talib is such an artist and a great photographer, with an evident sensible eye as you may see in his Instagram profile. However, he had trouble discerning, thinking it was a girl. He was confused by the long hair.

Pe in the beach of Panjón (Spain) in August 1982 or 1983


Instead, Pe knew it was surely a boy. His mother used to say to him that he was beautiful because he look like a girl. So he knows what it is to have female features. It is understandable that having long hair makes things more confusing.

Pe was interested in this boy. As it is a book published in Auroville, the boy, the indigo boy in the cover, might be around. Who would he be? Perhaps the son of someone known?

So Pe asked Peter from Luminosity, if he could find out. As he is writing this post, a message arrived explaining that, after having made the corresponding inquiries, the boy” might be one of the two sons of Nadja from Sanjana Comunity”.

The name of this Community, sounded familiar. He thought it must be a place where Pe felt (or saw) him self living in the future. One day he was driving by on his white e-bike with Indigo. He then stop to ask her if she saw her self living there in the future, in that specific place and in such modern (row) houses.

Sanjana Community (Auroville) row houses

To his surprise, Indigo replied ‘no’. Later, she added, the house that she would have in mind, would have a channel of water, as some the houses here has it to avoid ants entering.

Of course, water elements, and ponds with lotus flowers, are a nice and common here in South India.

So Pe, when he receives the message with the possible location of the indigo boy from the cover, he jumps in his new bike, to returns to that same spot he remembers him self with Indigo, to find out if is indeed the same place.

His bike is nowadays a different colorful one. It changes from blue to purple, like the light chakra changes as it goes up from the third eye to the crown chakra. That might be significant for the time been.


Pe, feels the spectrum of colors he is presently experiencing, is widening up from green in the heart and blue in the third eye, to the purple ,in the crown chakra. This last Wednesday at Rohini’s meditation, he could see, experience during silence, for the first time this higher purple color.

Colors in natural dyes for textiles had a similar shifting process. Indigo blue traveled from India to Europe and Japan, and from France, to North America. The denim, a cotton warp-faced textile that was first produced in the French city of Nimes, and later continued is journey in the mid 19th century to the United States, where it became the dye for the original blue jeans Levi’s Strauss.

But Talib, actually, that added to it. He now introduced the Tyrian purple (also known as Phoenician red, royal purple, or imperial dye). It is a reddish-purple natural dye produced by sea snails that requires to be extracted from tens of thousand of snails. “As a result, the dye was highly valued” and had a high cost too.

After this conversation about indigo children, indigo dyes and  tyrian purple, at Neem Tree, Talib and Pe went to Srima Beach. Upon arrival, Talib picked up a purple shell and said: “You see, here it is”.

On the way back, they return through the back muddy road, passed “Little Garden”, and finally arrived to the spot where a couple of months before he had been with Indigo. They looked at the plaque, and there it was. Is his intuition was correct. They took a photo of it, and continued.

Pe was wondering why he had such connection with this place. Perhaps because the row house typology here employed?

During lock down, Pe had been helping Peter developing a row house project for Grace extension phase number 5, that was initially started by Helmut (another AV senior architect).


Captura de pantalla 2020-06-24 12.53.56



Pe & Pe this this time considered permeability as a driving force: prevailing winds and an important interior element, a courtyard element, that would allow a vertical flow of subtle light in the interiors.

Would perhaps this houses a place for them to live in the future if they were ever built? 

This Grace project would be different to Sanjana Community’s. This later ones ones would have  made in beautiful and elegant rammed earth load baring walls, like the ones they are used to at Rohini and at Earth Institute.

Finally, there was an element missing: The water channel. So Pe asked Peter if they could be integrate it. His answered was, no. But still, Pe thought, water and light are such important elements in vernacular and spiritual (what he calls sacred) spaces.We will talk about that in the next post. 

Now we are still with this Indigo Children book that has brought us to think, to consider, to what extent we might be Indigo Children deep inside. In fact, while the Indigo Girl (perhaps Diksha) proof read one of the previous posts, she asked Pe if he thought she might also be and Indigo Girl. His reply to her was: “probably so”.

Thinking about it, she has indeed signs of it. She is indeed someone very sensible girl, open to help others in need and also open to certain energies. This is for her to decide if to live here. She once shared with Pe about some things she had found in her interior while doing meditation at Rohini, where they first met. According to Uma from Upasana, she had visions that proves she’s open to  Sri Aurovindo, spiritual partner of the Mother, and founder of Auroville. She heard his voice and had a vision of him before she had ever seen a photo of him. Only after, that man with a white bear, is the same person had appeared in her meditation.

Furthermore, she also had some other visions connected to the sun and the sphere, something similar to what is now the central crystal of the Inner Chamber of the Matrimandir. 

Drawing by Indigo of one of her visions





Possible meaning (reference Uma):

  • Red lotus — Symbol of the manifestation of the Supreme upon earth.
  • Sun — Supramental consciousness


So Pe, continued reading about qualities that Indigo children may have, wondering to what degree he could perhaps also be and Indigo child. In the book he found him self identified with: the curiosity to learn, being sincere, passionate about nature and wild environments. Definitely rebellious, highly spirited and conscious of his mission. He is free soul, a traveler, a searcher. After finding what he was been looking for such a long time, he now continues searching for, this time, for her. And he knows he knows he wont stop till he, and her, are certain about it. The future of humanity might be in their hands, and we will see how it might be.

He is also courageous in his role to bring a message to this World. That is indeed another trait of Indigo Children. He can’t wait to that day where he will address  his community. While pointing his finger up, he would be saying: “Our Father is finally here, that moment has finally come”.

So, two Indigo Spirits, can certainly conceived a new indigo, but, highly evolved.

The relationship between indigo generations is indeed quite interesting. Last night, Pe learned a little more about families that have indigo children, while in a music jam concert at Sitara’s. She is such an artist, in all senses, but specially as a musician and spiritual painter. 

So it was time, after the music to ask Sitara further more about her beautiful daughter, Chiara. He had met her a couple of times last year, at a putlock, and at the Visitor Centre where she works at an ice cream shop. He had immediately seen something beautiful in her. She is the closest of all girls considered here, to the image, the vision of the beautiful Indigo Future Girl, which we are now about to name.

Pe learned from her mother that Chiara, had a sister. Pe asked her if, as he thought, her mother could confirm that Chiara was also an Indigo Girl (to be considered in this equation). To his surprise, Sitara answered no. Her sister’s Kaya, she answer, was probably an Indigo Girl as she was more nonconformist that Chiara. However, Chiara she thought, would be a Crystal, more transparent and angelical.

From this perspective, the Future Indigo Girl would be also a Crystal. Therefore, from this moment we will refer to her as Crystal, Crystalline or Crystine, (Cristina or Cristalina in Spanish); still to be decided.

After the music, we all – spontaneously – started drawing together. Sitara picked a blue crayon, and draw a figure in the lower bottom right corner of the painting. She told me she had painted an crystal child. I added. That has to be an Indigo One, because of the colour you have employed. She then picked up a purple one and  added wings, to make her Crystal

WhatsApp Image 2020-06-22 at 12.00.56

Then, I asked her if she was also Indigo. She avoided responding, and Pe insisted. It took a while for her to recognize, and finally she responded that yes, parents of Indigo Children are usually Indigo, and even Sitara’s mother was some how too.

Now we are higher up, into Purple, Royal Purple in our textile, and discovered the Crystal signs, we wonder if any of the girls here present, have any of this traits. It is true they are supposed to have incarnated around year 2000, in some cases earlier.

This are the actors of the future. To be realised in the future :)))

✨✨ Om Shanti✨✨

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