Indigo 5


Monday, 22nd of June 2020. Auroville (India), 3:30pm.

Last night, we had an artist’s, or should I say, musician’s meeting, where Sitara told me about her daughter, who’s name will be easy to remember because it matches the name of one of my best friends from Italy. Of course, my friends name is, as you may imagined Chiara too. She is a top fashion photographer working between London and Milan. In the next post we will expand about Chiara, Sitara’s daughter from Auroville. In this post we can start with Chiara from Genova (Italy) whom Pe met in London. She is someone very special. They shared so much when living together at a beautiful Victorian type house in Kentish Town, close to Camden Town (London), that they rented with another university friend, Rebecca. Rebecca introduced them two, all three to live there with a fourth friend, Cyriac (from France). Pe found this house in Kentish Town, which was close enough to drive his bicycle to his UCL University. They had to pretend to be a couple that was going to get married soon, as the owners that were in Ireland, wanted a couple to take care of their house. So they did it, they played the young couple, soon to be married. Their parents had to call and talk to the agency, sign all the required documents, all that so that to live in such inspiring and refined house, surrounded by elegant tableware, wood antique furniture, fine paintings and high ceilings with elegant cornices.,+Kentish+Town,+London+NW5+2AR,+Reino+Unido/@51.5466102,-0.1353772,3a,75y,75.04h,100.02t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1svYMSLvgTqTfrt0avMvzisA!2e0!!7i16384!8i8192!4m5!3m4!1s0x48761b04a9bb96e9:0x90a59eca6c993a01!8m2!3d51.5465794!4d-0.135201
89 Bartholomew Rd, London NW10 5AR
That house was significant, because it was there where the London awakening happened. It was the time that Pe shifted from the Architectural Association to the University College London: it was the time when something woke up in him, the time he met for the first time the work of Celia Paul, that fine portrait that was hanging in his room  (in the photo, top right window), which today is hanging in his Base, the lake house, in Spain. It was those days when Chiara used to show him her artistic collage work, that she introduced him to a photo of a young blond girl with blue eyes. Of course you already know by now who she is. She has indeed brought Pe to where he is right now in Auroville, writing about her underneath a banyan tree in front of the Matrimandir in this exact moment. Matrimandir from Banyan Tree In that inspiring house, they had deep conversations between them. In Chiara’s room (top left window of the above photo) they spend hours at night  sitting on Chiara’s bed, reviewing their projects, their processes, talking about how to move forward with them, thinking where they might be taking them, and connecting with a world beyond that used to scare Chiara. They understood each other though, all three tenants, Rebecca, Chiara and Pe, were in a similar search, all aiming to Understand. We were all researching the same things from different fields of Knowledge. This is what happens when all three Universities used an interdisciplinary approach to education. Through time, they found themselves unfolding together. Even, if years had passed and they had not see each other, they still found themselves in the same point of development. It was then that they realized, they were more than friends, they actually were soul mates.
From L. to R., Rebecca, Pe and Chiara, meeting again in London years after.
So Chiara was studying graphic design through photography.  Her creative collage work was amazing. One day she came with a sequence of black and white photos, she had taken at Oxford Circus, of a young girl. The girl was highlighted in yellow. That was the first time Pe met an image of the future golden girl to be conceived. He immediately felt so interested and attracted to her. He could recognize something, it reminded him of someone, perhaps from the past or perhaps, belonging to the future. With time, through research in Yoga, he understood why it would be someone from the past that would be coming back in the future. It was indeed a very special girl, and of course she became the central piece, the central character, in the final year animation project that would be developed, the year after, at the Bartlett School of Architecture (UCL). She became that girl in the centre of the womb, under the light ray of the oculus (which in latin means eye). She was  relationship between one and all, between 1 and Infinite, between All. It is only recently that Pe has come to realize, here in Auroville, who she really is: the Future Indigo Girl to be conceived, as understood through a very deep meditation experienced in front of a Krishna statue, located at Jean Françoise’s garden, (what we have called the garden of Paradise in other posts) in Gratitude Community.
Deep realization while meditating in front of Krishna, at Gratitude Community (Auroville)
When one has such an experience, one knows. It was such an exciting and deep understanding, finally  finding her, finding who she really is, that tears were coming out of Pe’s eyes. Like it happened the first time he had an encounter with the Matrimandir, he could, once again, not speak. He just drove in complete silence back home overwhelmed by such profound realization. He found his house mate, Xema, on the road. Pe stoped and picked him up with one condition. That they would drive back in silence. This was another milestone realization, finally making the whole thing sense. Captura de pantalla 2020-06-19 09.47.15 Now it was finally clear who she was. She would be his child, to be conceived in the future of Auroville, in a Mushroom house that was right there, in that same garden. But who else could that Future Indigo Girl be and how we shall we differentiate her from her Indigo mother? While writing this blog page “as an architect” which has come recently before these lines, it  has now become crystal clear 🙂 She is more than just the Future Indigo Girl. She is, like a trinity, also Pe, as a unit, and the infinite Him. She is the ‘in between’, that connects Pe with the Divine, final the relationship. How she will conceive, is another story, yet to be found out here at some point later. In this search, Pe had always wondered if that young girl, was in the future, or also in the past. Perhaps she was part of Golden Age as what Raja Yoga defines as deity: a human being with divine virtues at the beginning of the cycle of time in Paradise, i.e., Heaven on Earth. As cycle repeats itself, the end connects with the beginning through a Divine action that reorders matters to its original state. From that perspective, this girl being conceived now, could be the relationship between the whole humanity that might descend from her. The past and the future finally connected with a divine intervention. What makes the cycle turn? And on the other hand, how did Virgin Mary conceive baby Jesus?   How was he conceived? What is the relationship between Indigo – the mother, and Pe? What is in between them? That we will surely find out as we continue this search.
✨✨ Om Shanti, keep on reading Indigo Trail 06 🙂… ✨✨

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